Strengths of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Camera


GPS GeoTagging

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye’s GPS Geotag Software will stamp the GPS Latitude and Longitude coordinates into every image file and video files picture to picture frame by frame. When replaying the Wolfcom3rd Eye's police camera video using our software you'll be able to see on a map exactly where that video or image was taken. We are the First Body Worn Police camera manufacturer with this feature.

12 Megapixel camera

Still digital photos can be taken.  The Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police camera has a snapshot button to take digital photos easily.  This is important in situations where officers arriving at the scene of an accident or crime, the officer can quickly snap Photo Images even while the unit is recording video in both night vision and full color mode.  The 12 megapixels provides clear pictures to see details. We are the First Police body camera manufacturer with this feature.

Multiple video resolution options

Wolfcom 3rd Eye Body worn Police camera has 4 different video resolutions to choose from: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 848 x 480 and 848 x 480 at 60fps.  This helps satisfy all different kinds of users.  Those looking for the clearest video and pictures will use 1920 x 1080 which is full 1080p HD resolution.  Those wanting to have the longest battery life and be able to store more video onto their memory can choose a lower resolutions.  Also, the 60 frames per second recording allows more vivid playback.

Full HD 1080p resolution

Full HD resolution allows to the clearest video to see necessary detail in videos. We are the First Body Worn Police body camera manufacturer with this feature.

LCD screen display

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police camera has a 2.0” LCD screen so users can see what they are recording.  The LCD screen also allows instant playback of videos and picture files. 

Playback on Wolfcom 3rd Eye

Users can playback videos and pictures on the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. Users can also rewind and fast forward on playback mode.  During playback of a video, users can pause and take a snapshot digital photo of the screen shot and the photo will automatically be stored in the memory.

Car DVR (digital video recorder)

Wolfcom 3rd Eye Body worn Police camera can also be used as a vehicle recorder replacing the high cost models that Law Enforcement Agencies currently use today. With it's 120 degree field of view this police car DVR clearly captures not only the road in front of the vehicle but the sidewalks as well. There is also a car DVR mode that allows the unit to automatically start recording when the car is turned on.

120-degree camera angle

With Wolfcom 3rd Eye’s 120 Degree Wide Angle Lens you can capture all of the action and not just part of it. We have the widest angle of all police body cameras in the market today.

Voice recorder

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye Body worn Police camera also has a voice recording option for recording sound when no video is needed. Perfect for recording victims or witnesses statements. Especially when they are camera shy.

Audio off option

When it is necessary to only record video and not audio, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye Body worn Police camera allows users to turn the audio recording off.  For those who are not allowed to record audio at all, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye has audio always off so whenever the Wolfcom 3rd Eye is recording, the audio will not be recorded.

Display screen off

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye allows the LCD display screen to be turned off while recording. This allows for a longer battery life.  There is also an option to have the display screen automatically turn off whenever recording is activated.


There are 4 infrared LEDs for night vision.  Night vision is necessary in dark areas and at night time.  The night vision can be used for both video and pictures.  The toggle on the front of the unit switches the night vision on and off. 

Visual Tactical Advantage

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police & Military body camera can also be used by an officer to peek around corners or into a dark room giving him a safe tactical advantage without exposing his body to harm. An officer can also use the 3rd Eye to record video or snap a photo for later analysis of the situation.  Video or photo images from the 3rd Eye's perspective will provide officers with precious intelligence such as how many suspects, hostages,  weapons, and types of weapons, including the layout of the room or area. Our low light capability and infrared technology allows the officer to see who and what is waiting for him in the dark.

Speaker microphone for two-way radios

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye replaces the speaker mic for police two-way radios.  Users can use the push to talk button on the Wolfcom 3rd Eye to communicate with their two-way radio. This means no extra equipment to wear.

All two-way radio compatibility

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can provide cables for any two-way radio.The Wolfcom 3rd Eye Body worn Police camera basically replaces your standard lapel microphone so that your speaker mic still functions normally to communicate with dispatch or fellow officers but with now can also be used to record video, take photos, or record audio.

HDMI connection

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye has an  HDMI connection that allows you to connect the unit directly to an HD TV or monitor for instant Playback at 1080p

32GB memory

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye has a Class 10 32GB memory inside the unit.  This allows for longer video recording.

Password protection

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is password protected.  Nobody can edit and/or delete video and picture files.  Settings cannot be altered without the password.

Multiple mounting options

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can be mounted on the body with a clip that can clip on the center of user’s shirt, shirt pocket, the epaulette and belt.  There is also a shoulder epaulette mount made specifically for the epaulette.  The unit can also be mounted to a car windshield and used as a Police car dash cam.

 OTR (one touch recording)

The OTR switch is at the best location on the side on the Wolfcom 3rd Eye.  The switch is firm so users will know for sure that they have turned the unit on and recording automatically.  There is also a chime to let you know that the unit has begun recording.

Covert radio earpiece

Wolfcom 3rd Eye has custom made two-way radio cables that are compatible with the clear tube covert radio earpiece for private listening.

Multi-Purpose and Multi-Functional

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can be used with your 2 way radio, as a standalone PVR, or as a Police car dash camera.