12-Man Vision Body Camera Package with 8TB Storage & Evidence Management Software

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This complete package is perfect for a department of 12 Officers or less. Our body worn cameras for law enforcement set comes complete with 12 Vision Cameras with mounting clips, Docking Ports, LCD monitor, & Workstation. It’s expandable to accommodate new officers as your department grows. It comes Pre-Installed with 12 WEMS Licenses with 1-year activation included. It’s “web-based” which means that once the workstation is connected to your network by either WiFi or ethernet cable, you’ll be able to access WEMS from any PC on the network just by opening a browser and typing in your Log-In credentials. You can also add an unlimited number of users for those that only need to access the system. Also included are 12 mobile client software for tagging on the field. The 8TB of storage can hold approximately one year worth of data based on a 90-day retention policy. If you need more storage, you can add additional storage by selecting our 4TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB, 12TB options. 

  • On-Premises workstation (8 terabytes)
  • LCD Screen
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • 12 Vision Body Cameras
  • 12 Mounting clips
  • Docking ports
  • WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software
  • 12 WEMS licenses with 1 Year Activation
  • Unlimited WEMS non-camera users
  • 12 Mobile Client Software licenses
  • Video redaction

This body worn cameras for law enforcement package is great for any medium-sized departments looking to save money on a thorough solution for an affordable price. If 8TB isn’t enough, we can add more storage for an additional cost.