Police Camera Sample RFI RFP RFQ BWV Tender

If you are a law Enforcement agency looking for body worn cameras and you need a sample specification requirement as a template, please feel free to download our sample Request For Information (RFI) Request For Quote, (RFP) Request for Proposal (RFQ) or Body Worn Video System (BWVS) Tender. Our sample Template is in "Word" Format so you can edit as you please. These Minimum Specification requirements is good all over the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world. Replace your outdated template with the most current.

Download the editable Word format here

Police Department Sample RFI, RFP or RFQ Tender



Personal Video Recorder - PVR or Body Worn Video System - BWVS or Police Body Worn Camera


Company Name:


Contact Person:

Tel. No.: Fax No.:

E-mail address:


Bidder shall state in the right hand column wherein your product offered differs, indicating performance, specific size, and/or make and model of all components when not exactly as specified. When bidder is bidding items exactly as described in the left hand column, please state “AS SPECIFIED” on the right hand column. Failure to return and fill in this form will be considered sufficient reason for rejection of your offer. Literature alone is not sufficient for consideration of your offer.


All equipment must meet California and County of Los Angeles safety requirements. The equipment shall be the latest model and shall not have been used as a demonstrator. Bidders shall submit detailed literature on the unit they propose to furnish.










BRAND: ___________________________________






Video resolution 1080p (1920x1080) or 720p (1280x720)  
Video type Color video  
Recording Speed 30 frames per second or better  
Recording format H.264 .MOV  
Audio Yes  
Lens field of view 120 degrees or greater  
Date and time stamp Embedded in/on video and/or metadata  
GPS GPS coordinates are stamped onto video file  
Recording time 11 hours or more  
Night Vision Infrared LED light Minimum 15 feet illumination in complete darkness  
Photo taking during video recording Yes  
Audio Disable Video Only Function Unit must have option to disable audio recording during video recording  
Loop Recording Unit must be programmable for loop recording  
Confirmation Chime when Recording Starts Yes. Must also be able to set to OFF  


One Touch Recording activation Switch for instant video recording. No Buttons. Switches Only.  
Picture- Camera Mode


Megapixels 16 Megapixels  
Snapshot button Allows you to take Photos even while Recording Video  
Audible Confirmation Click when taking photos Yes can also be disabled in volume control settings  
GPS Yes GPS coordinates are stamped onto picture file  
Burst Capable 2 and 3 Shot burst picture taking  
Storage At least 12,000 Photos @ 12 megapixels  
Macro function Yes  
Digital Zoom Yes up to 8x zoom  
Night Vision Infrared LED light Yes 15 feet Illumination. Test subject can be seen in pitch black darkness at 15 feet (configurable)(off, on)  
Take Photos while Recording Video Yes Allows you to take Photos even while Recording Video.

(Confirmation Click is not audible so user can discreetly snap photo)

Sensor 8M CMOS Censor  
Shutter Global Shutter(suitable for capturing hi-speed object motion)  
Lens 4 Element Canon Fixed Focus  
Focus Range Standard Setting - 1.5m to Infinity  

Audio Only Recording (Voice Recorder Mode)


Audio only recording Yes  
Format .ACC2  
Audio Only Function Yes The Unit can also be used as a Voice Recorder  
Maximum Recording time 500 Hours  

Audio Volume During Playback


Adjustable Yes  

Audible Confirmation

Confirmation Chime when Recording Starts Yes Chime can also be disabled in volume control settings  
Confirmation Chime when Recording is stopped Yes Chime can also be disabled in volume control settings  
Can Audible Confirmation be disabled Yes user can disable audible confirmations for discreet recordings  
Playback Mode


Playback files on device Yes  
Fast Forward 2x, 4x, 8x ,16x Speed  
Fast forward slow 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 Speed  
Pause Yes  
Advance forward frame by frame Yes  
Advance Backwards frame by frame Yes  
Screen Capture Yes  
Preview files by Thumbnails Yes  
Playback Method User can playback files on the unit using a PC, HD TV, or on the unit itself. When Plugged into PC the unit will show up as a drive letter on your computer. You can then drag and drop files to your PC  
PC player compatibility Windows Media Player, QuickTime, Real Player, VLC Player  
Playback Time 10 Hours  
LCD Screen


Screen Size 2 inches  
Color Yes  
Scratch Resistant Yes  
Can Screen be shut off during recording? Yes. The screen can be turned on or off during recording. User can turn off the screen during video recording be pushing joystick to the left. Also programmable to shut off automatically after a pre-set number of seconds.  
Can screen be programmed to stay off when recording is activated? Yes. The unit can be programmed to remain off when video recording is activated.  
Can screen be programmed to automatically turn off a few seconds after recording has started? Yes User can set the delay time from 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. The Screen can also be set to always remain off when recording is activated.  





OSD On Screen Display


OSD Time/Date stamp/GPS Coordinates  
Shows Recording time Yes  
Shows how many photos can be taken Yes  
GPS Function
GPS Geo Tag GPS Coordinates (longitude-latitude coordinate information per frame) are Stamped onto every Video and Image file  
Automatic Time Set With GPS time Sync the time is always accurate  
GPS function during video playback Yes by using a management software, location where video was taken can be view on a map alongside video file. As the video moves so does the dot on the map  


Water Testing Water Resistant IPX3 Ratings  
Drop Testing 6 feet onto hard level surface, any orientation  
Minimum Working Temperature -30°C  
Maximum Working Temperature 55°C  
Minimum Storage Temperature -28°C  
Maximum Storage Temperature 53°C  
Recommended Storage Environment 23°C  


Type Lithium Polymer (non-removable; rechargeable) 1800mAh  
Recording Life 6 hours or greater  
Standby 5 days or greater  
Charge Cycles 300 cycles or greater  
Charging Method By AC wall Charger or by connecting to USB Port on PC  


Memory 32GB Internal Memory 45MBS Read/Write Speed. Temperature Proof, Water Proof, Shock proof, and X-Ray proof.  
Storage Format .MOV Video H.264  




Dimensions (without clips)


-Height 4" or less  
-Width 3" or less  
-Thickness 2" or less  
Weight 6 oz or less  


One Touch Recording activation Switch for instant video recording. No Buttons. Switches Only.  


Mounting method To be included  


Compatibility Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7  
Computer Connectivity Micro USB, HDMI, Mini USB or other standard types  
GPS Playback Video Playback with GPS Map  
Security Protocol


Security protocols Password Protected. User cannot delete files or change settings  
Unique ID per unit Yes Each unit must have its own unique ID that can be registered to a specific user  

Any PVR or BWVS device proposed for consideration by Police must meet or exceed these specifications.