Police Body Camera Facts

Although police body cameras have been around for almost a decade, they are still considered unknown territory by the vast majority of the population. This article includes interesting and relevant facts about police body cameras you probably didn’t know (but should)!

Fact 1: Lens Angle is Important

Most Law enforcement agencies prefer body cameras lenses of up to 120°. Anything above that will start to distort the image, causing the so-called fisheye effect.

Fact 2: People Behave When They are on Camera

In 2014, the first-ever study conducted about the effects of police body cameras found that citizen complaints dropped 88% among officers equipped with cameras. Body cameras successfully de-escalate situations because the public knows they are being recorded.

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Are Police Body Cameras Always On?

The use of body cameras as a law enforcement tool has become widely accepted and encouraged throughout the United States, but it still raises many questions among civilians. One of the most commonly asked questions is “are police body cameras always on?”. And the answer to that varies according to each department’s policies.

WOLFCOM Halo Police Body Camera designed specifically with law enforcement officers in mind

There’s a lot more involved in that question than simply turning the body camera on and off. When officers record entire shifts uninterruptedly, they end up with large video files. These files require storage solutions with much more capacity, making this practice more expensive. Seeing as most police departments are underfunded, that route is far less popular than simply turning the cameras on when officers have interactions with the public. Besides, most officers spend a large amount of their shifts in their vehicles, which are, usually, equipped with In-car cameras.

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Police In-Car Camera Systems Are Now More Advanced Than Ever

Police in-car cameras have been around for a while, but only recently companies started integrating them with body-worn cameras and evidence management software. This integration creates a thorough, easy-to-use system, known as a Total Solution. These solutions allow users to wirelessly connect video recording devices in order to save officers precious time. It also guarantees they don’t forget to turn their cameras on when under stressful situations.

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All body camera systems are not made equal: how the WOLFCOM solutions are better

A recent article revealed that some police departments are dropping their body camera programs because of high costs. Some body camera manufacturers take advantage of law enforcement agencies. They hold their data hostage, charge overage fees, and present departments with expensive and unpredictable invoices. This makes the entire industry look bad. It also proves many departments aren’t aware of all the options they have when it comes to body camera systems. Otherwise, they would know WOLFCOM offers solutions at half the cost as other American companies, such as Axon or WatchGuard.

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When will Emergency Medical Technicians Start Wearing Body Cameras?

Law enforcement agencies all around the world have been benefiting from the use of body cameras for years. These devices help cities save thousands of dollars on litigations and settling cases out of court, yearly. Officers who wear body cameras face fewer investigations and complaints from the public. That facilitates their jobs, making it less stressful while possibly saving careers as they can now easily disprove false accusations. Devices such as these can be extremely useful for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) as they often face similar issues to those that law enforcement officers do when it comes to dealing with citizens.

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New California Senate Bill 1421 and How WOLFCOM Can Help Your Department Save Time and Money

wolfcom offers manual video redaction built-in the wolfcom evidence management software

California Bill 1421 went into effect on January 1st, allowing citizens to obtain any recordings of high-profile cases made by police officers, which must be delivered from 10-14 days of the date it was requested. As most law enforcement officers know, police departments must redact all faces on videos in order to release them out to the public, meaning all departments must have a quick and easy way to redact videos in order to comply with the new bill. The new WOLFCOM Video Redaction Software is the perfect solution for departments looking to redact entire videos in a matter of seconds. Our software is able to automatically identify and redact all faces with a few clicks, making sure officers don’t have to spend their valuable time performing tasks such as this. Click here to learn more about our easy-to-use Video Redaction Software and all the ways it can help your department save precious time and money.

Learn more about California Bill 1421: https://www.calpublicagencylaboremploymentblog.com/public-safety-issues/tips-for-responding-to-sb-1421-requests/

Study Shows Body Camera Footage Directly Influences Our Judgement of Blame

Police body cameras have been around for a few years now and, since then, it’s helped an incredible number of officers get justice. A recent study shows that body cameras are, indeed, extremely effective when it comes to judgment of intent. In other words: people who watch body camera footage are less likely to blame the wearer. But the reason isn’t what you’d expect.

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Dickson, Tennessee Police Department gets WOLFCOM Body Cameras

DICKSON, TN- The Dickson Police Department recently ordered a total of 34 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

“We’re happy the Dickson Police Department chose body cameras by WOLFCOM for their patrol officers. Police officers need body cameras now more than ever. They need a 3rd eye to see and remember what they forgot and to be the truth behind false accusations when they need it the most”, said WOLFCOM founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Lt. Todd Christian helped his department research police body cameras and make the decision to choose the WOLFCOM VISION.

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Why Purchase WOLFCOM’s Complete Packages for 6 to 12 Officers

The body camera culture has been growing stronger with each passing day within the law enforcement community in the USA. Although this is great news for citizens and officers, not every police department can afford high-quality body camera solutions. Most of the leading American companies in the industry offer hardware and software that are too expensive for an alarming number of departments, and this is where WOLFCOM’s complete packages come in. We understand the importance of offering high-quality solutions at an affordable price to small departments that can’t afford to spend an unnecessary amount of money on these tools.

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