Why mounting on the body is the Achilles’ heels of Police Body Cameras

The amount of police body camera manufacturers currently in the market is overwhelming. That means law enforcement agencies have too many options to choose from when shopping for body cameras. But that doesn’t mean most of them are high-quality products. Some manufacturers seem to not have a comprehensive understanding of their customers’ needs. Thus, failing to develop some key features their products should have. Mounting on the body is one of the biggest issues police body camera manufacturers face, and most of them don’t seem to be trying to fix it or still haven’t found a way.

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What Makes WOLFCOM 3rd Eye Body Camera Better than the Rest

authentic 3rd eye police body camera by wolfcom

With the overwhelming increase of interest for Police body-worn cameras, the WOLFCOM 3rd Eye is better than the rest of the body-worn cameras on the market for several reasons. More than just the average body-worn camera on the market.  It is a fact that the Wolfcom 3rd Eye was the very first body-worn camera to record in 1080P full HD.  The 3rd Eye Body-worn camera system has specs that are more advanced. Being the only camera with the exclusive OTR switch (one-touch record) makes it even easier for Police officers to start recording video and audio because they already have the OTR switch in the upright position making it ready to be activated at any moment. Officers will never miss any type of situation.

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Why We Need Police Body Cameras

Police officers have their lives on the line every single day fighting for justice. Although a lot of people disagree and think police officers abuse their powers, it is a necessity to have such a force protecting our streets and protecting our citizens. Without the police, we would live in anarchy and everything would be possible and visible. Let’s be completely honest here: some people don’t commit murder because it is illegal and because they are afraid to get caught. This should never be the case but, unfortunately, it is, and if the mindset of our society doesn’t evolve past murder and death, we evolve at WOLFCOM Police Body Cameras.

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Why Body Cameras are More Important to Police vs General Public

Body cameras are considered to be luxury goods by many people, but when it comes to police body cameras, it’s a different story. With all the hatred police officers have been experiencing in recent years, officers need to have body cameras on them at all times. These devices were made to protect themselves against false accusations as well as citizens in case of police misconduct.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Body Camera as an In-Car Camera

Not every department can afford to purchase body cameras and in-car cameras. That’s why small departments have to, sometimes, cut corners. That means going for a cheaper brand or purchasing a reliable body camera that also works as an in-car solution. Needless to say, the first alternative is never recommended, as more affordable products are, of course, made with cheaper parts. Cheaper parts will break down more often, needing to be replaced more frequently. The second option, on the other hand, is widely used and recommended for departments on a low budget. Although it’s not as good as having a two-camera system, it gets the job done for a more affordable price. In this article, we are gonna tackle the pros and cons of using a body camera as an in-car camera.

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Why Police Departments all Around the World are Adopting Body Cameras

Police officers have been wrongfully accused of misconduct and crimes more times than we can count, and that’s no surprise to anyone. They are out on the streets, every day, risking their lives to protect us and make sure we live safe lives, yet, people take advantage of that. The police body camera industry was created not too long ago, when a few companies saw the need to bring those issues to light and come up with solutions to protect the truth and bring justice to everyone.

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Why are Some Police Body Camera Clips so Fragile and Why Should we Change that?

police camera clip

Let’s cut to the chase: police body camera clips break a lot. Often, having a camera that records in HD is the main concern manufacturers have, therefore, everything else becomes secondary. Although that’s (kind of) understandable, pinching pennies has never worked out for any company trying to offer high-quality products. Maybe for non-law enforcement grade body cameras that would be ok because they rely on mounts, but our industry is different.

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Learn Everything About Police Body Cameras From the Experts

Police body cameras are a fairly recent market niche, therefore, they are constantly evolving, which makes its users more demanding with each passing day. Keeping up with the needs of this new audience isn’t easy, and manufacturers have to make executive decisions when deciding which features to add or remove. In this article, we are going to tackle all the features a police body camera should and could have.

wolfcom police bodycam
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When it Comes to Police Body Cameras, Size DOES Matter

When it comes to Police Body Cameras, size is always a key factor. Feature-packed police body cameras are great, but they come with a price. The more features they have, the bigger and heavier they are, and police officers don’t want to feel like they are wearing a brick on their uniform. It’s simply uncomfortable, impractical and unaesthetic. Besides, many features offered by most of the police body cameras on the market, today, are unnecessary.

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Why Police Body Cameras Have to Evolve

wolfcom 3rd eye police camera
The WOLFCOM 3rd Eye

When we introduced the WOLFCOM 3rd EYE Police Body Camera back in 2012, it took the Law Enforcement community by storm. Within a year, we had sold thousands of body cameras across the United States and the WOLFCOM® brand became synonymous with quality body cameras. Little did we know that what we had developed would set the worldwide standards for body cameras. But if the WOLFOCOM 3rd Eye is such an amazing device, why do police body cameras need to evolve?

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