In-Car Camera System for Police Vehicles

In-car camera system Model: MDVR

The WOLFCOM MDVR in-car system is a functional Mobile Network Video Recorder specially designed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. It has a high-speed processor and embedded operating system combined with the most advanced H.264 video compression technology, network, as well as GPS positioning technology. The MDVR enable real-time remote monitoring and simultaneous video recording of the in-vehicle space. It supports a state-of-the-art hardware H.264 video encoder, which is the most popular video compression technology, as well as provides high video quality with much smaller files, saving bandwidth and storage costs.

It supports not only video recording in 720P, WD1, HD1 and CIF formats, but also vehicle travel information recording and wireless data upload. It's powerful, has a modular design, flexible installation, easy maintenance and high reliability.

The proven performance of on-board control unit and digital video recorders are combined with revolutionary software and ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) technology to create excellent fleet management that meet the demanding needs of fleet administrators and vehicle operators worldwide.

Touch Screen Display

Our touchscreen control panel intelligent dispatch system features a 7 inches large screen display and built-in speakers. Mounts inside the vehicle.

Touch screen display for In-car camera system.
In-car camera forward facing camera.

WOLFCOM Front-Facing In-Car Camera gives crystal clear video at 1080p in its sleek compact size. The best camera for the front of the vehicle or even behind the vehicle. This IP camera's appealing look can fit in any vehicle while packing a lot of features.

WOLFCOM Interior View Vehicle IP Cameras is small to stay minimalistic and not obstruct the front windshield view. Model IV99 has infrared LEDs behind a black glass to decrease the emitting light for night vision. With this camera, you will be able to capture the view of the front passengers and rear passengers.

In-car camera rear camera.
Dome camera for police car.

This Police In-Car Dome camera is tough and can withstand a hit with a hammer. Designed specifically for Law Enforcement, this camera is much easier to install then the much older system and gives you 5x the quality. Installs ideally in the back seating area of a patrol car.