New! Desk Sergeant (ACCS)
Authorization Camera Control System

Check in system for body camera and in-car video system

Share body cameras among your officers

With Desk Sergeant ACCS (Authorization Camera Control System) police officers can now easily share the same body camera or In-car systems. With our Desk Sergeant System, there's no longer a need for a supervisor to manually de-register a camera from one officer and re-register it to another. With Desk Sergeant, Everything is Automatic! Officers, can check in and check out cameras with ease. If an officer checks out a camera that’s broken, no problem! He can easily check out another camera in just seconds.


  • Easily share cameras among different shifts
  • Saves Time and Money- Save hundreds of man-hours per year!
  • Keeps Officers on the field instead of at his desk waiting for his camera to be repaired.
  • Check in-check out activity is recorded in audit trails.