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If you purchased Commander, this is where you can download our Setup Manager & User Guide. With the Setup Manager you can:

  • Set Resolution
  • Enter Badge ID
  • Enable Settings

Commander Setup Manager & User Guide


Unleash the Potential of the Commander Camera with COPS.
Commander Online Platform System

COPS Commander Online Platform System

Subscribe to COPS, and you will be able to watch live video from any Commander camera when your officers are out in the field. In the event of an Emergency, Officers can activate our Emergency SOS Connect Feature. With a push of a button, the Officers Commander camera will activate a distress call and immediately send live video and GPS coordinates direct to Dispatch. Each Commander Camera can be tracked in real time on a map. Using COPS, one camera or a group of cameras can Livestream back to Dispatch simultaneously. Communicate with each officer or a group of Officers with the PTT (Push To Talk) Button.