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Vision Set-Up Manager

How to install Vision Set-Up manager?

This is an in-depth video that will show you how to install the Vision Set-Up Manager

How to configure the Vision Set-Up manager?

The Vision Set-up manager is configured by what “you” the user wants. Here is a quick way of how it works

In reference to these instructions see picture on right.
1.) Plug in unit with charging cable, then connect cable to USB input in PC and Power on.
(Note: before powering on make sure side switches are up)

2.) Once plugged in software will connect to your camera displaying your settings on the right hand side within current setting window.
3.) Toggle which settings/Modes are right for you, in Initial Settings you can set your password & badge ID (Note: Do not change your device ID) In Mode Select and Settings you can select from 3 modes below.

Normal Mode: Allows Side Switch Configuration Video, Audio, Camera modes
Easy Mode: Simply a video recorder, disables side switches
Pre-Record Mode: Allows for 30 sec buffer(Pre-Event Recording) & Enabled (Event Recording) when V-Button is pressed.

Congrats your configuration is complete!

Note: The Vision Syncs up with your PC so adjusting the time should be a piece of cake. Yum.

About the Vision Set-Up manager

The Vision Set-Up manager is a software that constantly runs in the background of your PC.

The picture below shows the Windows 10 task bar & hidden icons

Powering off: Right click on the icon and press exit.

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Auto-Play feature

"When I click on connect to computer nothing happens?"

Don't be alarmed if you stumble across this issue. You just need to access your file explorer in Windows or enable auto-play.

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