Law Enforcement Grade Body Cameras

WOLFCOM 3rd EYE Body Camera

This 4 in 1 body camera integrates with your 2-way radio and replaces your speaker microphone. NightVision, GPS, Digital Camera and more...

WOLFCOM Vision Body Camera

The most lightweight Law Enforcement body camera on the market. This camera is a 3 in 1 device and has options for POV camera attachments...

Evidence Management

Manage, Organize, Protect, and Encrypt with our CJIS compliant Evidence Management Software. On-Premises or Cloud Storage options available.

Non-Law Enforcement Body Cameras

WOLFCOM Venture Body Camera

The Venture is a body camera to record your everyday activities. It's lightweight, easy to use and can be clipped onto just about anything.

WOLFCOM Capture wearable camera

WOLFCOM Capture Wearable Camera

The WOLFCOM Capture is the first and smallest wearable live stream camera in the world. It's perfect for those times when you just want to live in the moment.