Mini MDVR In-Car Camera Video System

mini mdvr is a tiny but feature-packed in-car video system and comes with an interior-facing camera

The Mini MDVR Mobile Digital Video Recorder is a compact and cost-effective device designed for mobile video surveillance. Unlike other in-car systems, this unit combines the processor and a high-definition front-facing camera in one tiny device. It supports SD cards of up to 128GB and wireless connections through 4G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which allow for wireless offloading of video footage. It's also equipped with a GPS chip that shows the location of the vehicle when reviewing videos with the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software. 

Mini MDVR Processor and Front Camera

Unlike the other in-car video systems we offer, the Mini MDVR is a complete system packed into one compact unit. It offers all the features and specifications our bigger systems offer but in a much more compact size and with a built-in 1080p front-facing camera. Featuring the popular H.264 video compression, this unit is able to record high-quality video footage into small files, saving police officers precious

mini mdvr in-car video system has a built-in 1080p camera

time when transferring digital assets. Because of its wireless capabilities, officers can monitor camera activity using a tablet or PC.

In-car camera rear camera.

Interior IP Camera

WOLFCOM Interior View Vehicle IP Cameras is small to stay minimalistic and not obstruct the front windshield view. Model IV99 has infrared LEDs behind a black glass to decrease the emitting light for night vision. With this camera, you will be able to capture the view of the front passengers and rear passengers.