Lone Star LE-5000
Covert Pinhole Button Body Camera

Includes 1-year of Evidence Management System & 50GB of online storage!

lone star covert pinhole button camera by wolfcom

For police departments looking to equip their officers with hidden body cameras, we offer the WOLFCOM Lone Start LE-5000 body camera. Unlike our other body cameras, the Lone Star Police camera is worn on the belt or placed in the pocket. A Pinhole button camera is connected to the unit and wired up under the shirt and replaces a button on the officer’s shirt. This hidden body camera is perfect for undercover work or for officers preferring a low-profile camera to discreetly record interactions with the public.

The Wolfcom Lone Star LE -5000 body worn police camera unit has a 2.7” LCD screen that can be used to playback and view video files. All recorded videos have date and stamp features.  The Lone Star undercover police camera unit comes with a USB cable so that you can directly connect to PC to download all your video and audio files. The Wolfcom Lone Star covert body camera also has a removable SD card slot that can take up to 32 GB of memory for hours and hours of recording.

lone star covert pinhole button camera by wolfcom camera head with button

The inconspicuous hidden camera head allows officers to record without being noticed

lone star covert pinhole button camera by wolfcom connects to earbuds

Earbuds lets officers privately hear what's being played back on LCD screen

lone star covert pinhole button camera by wolfcom offers a case

Belt case allows DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to be
worn on the belt

Evidence Management Software

Includes our Free single user WEMS Lite (WOLFCOM Evidence Management System)

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Dash board of WOLFCOM Evidence Management System

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To begin recording

At a flick of a switch the Lone Star covert Police body camera will begin recording audio and video through the pinhole button camera. When the police officer wishes to stop recording all he has to do is flip a switch back and the hidden body camera will stop recording and save the video and audio files to the SD memory card.

The memory card also be removed at insert into PC for download and playback. Please note that your PC must be SD card ready.


Recording a room covertly

the Wolfcom Lone Star covert police camera can also be used to discreetly record illegal activities. For example, police officer can hide the Lone Star in a room and placing the camera hidden behind some plants, laundry, carpeting, or other room decorations. The unit can also be set to motion detect recording so that when someone walks into a room the unit will begin recording audio and video automatically. This feature is perfect for undercover stings where portable covert hidden camera as needed on the spot. The battery life for continuous recording is approximately 4 hours. The battery is removable and spare batteries are available. The rechargeable lithium ion battery can be charged with included AC adapter charger.

*SD Card Not Included

lone star covert pinhole button camera by wolfcom display and buttons
lone star covert pinhole button camera by wolfcom display and buttons

Product Specifications

  • Pinhole camera with clip
  • 2.7-inch HD LCD screen
  • HDMI Interface
  • 0.01 LUX
  • 1-16 times extraordinary zoom, adjust according to distance
  • Seamless recording
  • Up to 5 seconds video pre-record
  • Support 32GB SD memory card
  • 5V/2A Adapter
  • Removable Li-Battery 2200mA
  • Video recording time > 4hs / Standby time > 35hs 
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • 1080P @ 30FPS, 720P @ 30FPS/60FPS, 480P @ 30FPS
  • Add Badge Number
  • Remote Control
  • Snaps Photos
  • One Touch Record