Total Solution for Law Enforcement Agencies

Body Cameras, In-Car Video, Evidence Management, and Storage

Our total solution is for Police Agencies looking for a complete end to end system. All the law enforcement technology we have here fully integrates together to provide your Agency a Total Solution that will cover all your officers and patrol vehicles. All recorded video is encrypted from the moment it is recorded and uploaded and managed in our (WEMS) Evidence Management System. Choose between On-Premises or Cloud Storage that is CJIS compliant, encrypted and secure.  

Total In-car video and body camera solution

Body Cameras with Docking Station, Evidence Management, & Storage

mini mdvr in-car camera complete system with interior-facing camera

All In One 4G LTE In-Car Video System
with GPS & Light Bar Activation 

WOLFCOM Halo Police Body Camera designed specifically with law enforcement officers in mind


Our New Halo Body Camera


  • 11-hour Battery Life
  • AES Encryption
  • WaterProof IP67 Rating
  • Configurable NightVision
  • GPS GeoTag
  • Facial Recognition Ready
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Easy On Touch Record
  • Pre-Record and Post Record
wolfcom mini mdvr in-car camera system mounted on windshield

In-Car Video

wolfcom mini mdvr in-car camera system mounted interior

Entire System mounts right onto your windshield.

Our In-Car Video System

Our sleek new design cuts installation time from 3 days to just under 2 hours. Our new In-Car video system is 1/3 the weight of traditional systems at 1/3 the price. Everything is packed into one tiny powerful unit.


  • Pre-Record and Post Record
  • GPS GeoTag
  • 4G/LTE Mobile Data Connection
  • WIFI
  • 1080p Video Resolution
  • Speed Trigger
  • Light Bar Activation
MDT mobile data terminal

Our MDT Software

Tag, Classify & Notate videos on the field.

x2 smart upload station is capable of charging and extracting data from up to 8 wolfcom halo body cameras at once

Our Smart Docking Station

Our Docking Stations uploads video to either our Cloud Storage or an On-Premises Server


  • Automatic Detect, Upload, and Charge
  • Upload Status Indicator
  • Desk Sergeant Authorization Camera Control System
  • Upload Verification System
  • Network Ready. Uploads across your network


Dash board of WOLFCOM Evidence Management System

Manage all Videos with our CJIS Compliant Evidence Management System

Our Evidence Management Features:

  • Automatic Video Redaction
  • Web-Based Technology
  • Users Rights and Privileges
  • Authorization Camera Control System
  • Easy Retention Policies
  • Multi-Video Playback
  • Case Management & Sharing
  • Audit Reports
  • Sha-256 Encryption
wolfcom offers manual video redaction built-in the wolfcom evidence management software

Redact Faces, Objects, and License Plates

wolfcom cloud storage solution icon

Choose to Upload to the Cloud 

complete wolfcom on-premises storage solution

Or Upload to our On-Premises Storage System.

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