BWC Accessories for the Commander Police Body Camera

Extend the capability of the Commander BWC (Body Worn Camera) with these accessories

For Law Enforcement Only

360-degree clip Commander body camera square

Commander 360-Degree Clip

Model: Commander Clip

Use the Commander Clip to mount your Commander body camera to your uniform or car visor. For maximum comfort, fit, and wearability, the durable metal clip rotates a full 360 degrees!


magnetic mount commander body camera square

Commander Magnetic Mount

Model: Commander Magnetic Mount

WOLFCOM’s new Magnetic Mount allows you to mount your WOLFCOM Commander Police Body Camera anywhere on your uniform in a matter of seconds! The magnets are extremely strong, making it one of the most reliable body camera mounts in the industry!


side 2 commander 2.0 half camera square PNG

Commander Epaulette Clip

Model: Commander Epaulette Clip

This clip allows you to mount your Commander to the shoulder epaulette.



car mount commander body camera square

Commander Car Mount

Model: Commander Car Mount

The WOLFCOM Commander can be turned into an affordable in-car camera with this easy-to-use suction mount. Simply attach it to the camera and mount it on the vehicle windshield.



single dock commander body camera square

Single Docking Port

Model: Commander Single Docking Port

The Single Docking Port is able to charge and transfer data from one Commander.



8-slot docking port commander square

8-Slot Docking Port

Model: Commander 8-Slot Docking Port

Docking port replacement for X2 smart upload stations. Comes with all necessary power supply and cable. This 8-Slot Docking Port is able to charge and transfer data from up to 8 Commanders simultaneously.