Ada Ohio PD Says WOLFCOM VISION Lives Up to Recommendation!

ADA, OH- The Ada Ohio Police Department recently purchased 8 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

“It’s always an honor to know that our body cameras are being recommended by our existing WOLFCOM Customers. Police Officers rely on their equipment every day, and to have departments recommending our body cameras to other departments says that we make a quality product that is trusted by our customers. We want all officers to have the best body cameras and we’re glad the Ada Ohio PD is now using the WOLFCOM VISION!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Chief Michael Harnishfeger talked about his department’s decision to select the WOLFCOM VISION Body Cameras.

“Our department sees that this is the way law enforcement is going, so that’s why we decided to get police body cameras… A neighboring department, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office, is using the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras and recommended them to our department. Immediately we liked how small the VISION body camera was,” said Harnishfeger.  

“We had a demo and compared it to a number of other body cameras and what stuck out mostly was the WOLFCOM VISION’s ease of use and small size… the smaller the better. We’ve only deployed the body cameras for about a week, so it’s still too new to give a lot of detailed feedback, but so far so good. We’ve reviewed the video quality and it’s very good. Most of our officers wear it right in the middle of their chests. I prefer to wear it on my belt with the rotatable lens pointed up,” said Harnishfeger.  

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