In-Car Camera System

For Police Departments on a budget the WOLFCOM 3rd EYE in-car camera options will save you thousands of dollars.

Use as an In-Car Camera System with GPS
With 120 Degrees Field of View You'll Capture Everything

The WOLFCOM 3rd Eye can also be used as an In-Car camera video recorder. During Video recording, GPS coordinates are stamped onto every Video file. When reviewing videos on our software you'll be able to see the route of the video simultaneously on a map next to it and as the video moves so does the dot on the map. This is valuable when reviewing video of a foot or car chase as you'll be able to see the exact route taken as footage of the chase unfolds before you.
Unlike other Police In-Car Video Cameras the WOLFCOM 3rd Eye features a rotating camera mount that allows the officer to reach up and turn the camera completely around to film the back seat. This feature is important when video documentation of a suspect in custody in the back seat is necessary. With our low light night vision technology, the WOLFCOM 3rd eye will capture everything day or night.