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Police Camera Training Video Tutorials

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Body Camera is packed full of features. If you've just received our Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Video Camera unit, it is important to watch the video below. Please have your unit in your hand while watching the video. If you have purchased our units for your police force, It may be a good idea to have each officer watch our video with unit in hand. Trouble Shooting Guide

 How to tell if your Wolfcom is a Counterfeit  
Multi-Function Aspect of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye
The best way to mount our body camera to your uniform
(Must Watch)
How to begin Recording Video
How to Take Photos  
How to Zoom In and Out  
How to use as a Voice Recorder  
How to use Night Vision  
Using the Visual Tactical Advantage Feature  
How to use GPS Location Tagging during a Pursuit  
How to connect and playback on a HD TV  
How to Discreetly Snap a photo  
How to Charge the Unit  
How to transfer files to your PC  
How to Playback Files  
How to perform a Screen Capture  
How to set the Screen Timer  
How to get into Menu Settings  
How to reset the unit  
How to use as an In-Car Camera  
Quick Start Guide
Watch this if you just want to know how to quickly begin recording video, take pictures, and record audio
Police Body Camera Training Tutorial Part 1
Introduction to the Unit
Police Body Camera Training Tutorial Part 2
Menu and Settings
Mounting Options
Watch this to learn about our mounting options and how to mount the unit to your body
New Must See!
New Clip and Case Mounting Option
 New! How to wear the unit across your back and over your shoulder  
New! Learn how to install the new SM45 metal detachable clip with back post stud


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