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Frequently Asked Questions About

the WOLFCOM 3rd Eye Police Body Worn Camera:


Here we'll answer the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What makes the Wolfcom 3rd Eye different than other body cameras such as the Taser Axon and Vievu?

A: The Taser Axon and Vievu are only body cameras that can record video. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is actually a "Tool" that a Police Officer can:

1. Use to Photograph Crime scenes, Property damage, and Bodily Injuries.
2. Use to peek around corners without exposing his body to harm.
3. Tag the location of items tossed during a pursuit
4. Record Audio Statements from victims, witnesses, and suspects.
5. Connect to HDMI for for playback for quick evaluation during an emergency
6. Connect with a 2 Way Radio for communication
...And yes, it also has a built in Video camera that can record at 1080p HD Resolution for up to 17 hours.

Q: [Can the unit be used by itself or does it need to be attached to a radio?]
A: [The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can also be used as a stand alone unit and does not need a radio to work]

Q: Does the Wolfcom 3rd Eye have Pre-Record?

A: In the past, Pre-Record was needed to compensate for poor battery life. Pre-Record basically recorded the first 30 seconds of video before a recorder was activated. However, there are 2 downfalls to Pre-Record.

1. Only Video is recorded and not Audio.

2. In a realistic situation that quickly turns bad, an officer will think about self preservation first before thinking about activating his recorder. He'll most likely draw his weapon, his pepper spray, baton, or stun device first. In some instances an officer may be fighting for his life.  By the time this stressful situation is under control, several minutes would have passed before he will even think about activating his recorder. By that time, the first 30 seconds of the recording is useless.

We've solved the old Pre-Record Problem that other body cameras have by replacing it with the OTR (One Touch Record) Switch, 6 to 12 hour battery life, 7 days stand by time, and 32 GB of Memory that will record and store 17 hours worth of audio and video. Now an Officer can activate his Wolfcom 3rd Eye recorder as soon as he exits his vehicle and leave it on for the entire duration of the incident and turn it off when he is back in his vehicle. Instead of worrying about battery life and worrying about choosing the right moment to begin recording video, He can now concentrate on what matters most.

Q: [How long does the battery last if recording continuosly?
A: The Battery should last about 6 hours of Continuous nonstop recording on the lowest resolution setting of 848x480 60FPS. But if your just  recording on and off during an average shift, the battery life should be fine and last an entire shift.  Continuous non stop recording at the highest resolution of 1080P will be about 3.5 hours.

Q: Is the Wolfcom 3rd Eye waterproof?
A: No. It cannot be submerged in water. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye has a waterproof rating of IP67, IPX3 Rating.

   Protected against spraying water - Water spraying up to 60 degrees from vertical at 10 liters/min at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 min.

Q: What extra part do I need it to work with my Radio?
A: All you need is the cable that connects our unit to your radio. Please view our list of cables to see if you radio type is listed. If it is not, Please contact us.

Q: Do you have back end software to manage files or assets from your body camera?
A: Yes we do. Please click here for our Wolfcom Management Software

Q: Does the Wolfcom Management Software come free with the purchase of the Wolfcom Vision?
A: No. The Wolfcom Management Software is additional.

Q: Can the GPS application can be extended to locate officers wearing the 3rd eye equipment in real time?
A: Currently the Wolfcom unit GPS function cannot locate officers in real time. The GPS sensor built into the unit will only grab the GPS coordinates and snap it onto the video and picture files. We do have plans for live GPS tracking in second or third generations of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye units, but is not available at this time. The technology is available and we believe we can do it. However we do want to sell and make money off our first-generation units before we can do this. In other words we will need to make profit in order to have funds for the research and development of live GPS integration into our units.

Q: Can the video can be 'live streamed'? Can the video images be streamed live and viewed from a remote location?
A: Live streaming technology for the Wolfcom third eye is in our opinion, not practical due to technological limitations. Although the technology does exist the video is grainy, slow, unreliable, bulky, and expensive. We have looked into live streaming technology for the Wolfcom third eye but we believe that we will have to wait until technology catches up. I believe that life streaming technology in regards to police body cameras will be of high demand in the future and we have plans to implement it into our product within 2 to 4 years.

Q: It has 32GB internal memory…does the Wolfcom 3rd Eye have a memory card slot and can the memory be extended ?
A: The memory is enclosed for protection. There is no card slot and no additional memory cannot be added.

Q: Does it support GSM function and can transmit it’s audio video input…petrol operations can be monitored from PC ?
A: No it cannot transmit video or GPS coordinates. GPS Coordinates are stamped onto the video files during recording. Please click here to see a video and get get a better understanding of the GPS function of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police camera

Q:  Is there any remote control function ?
A: No there is no remote control function. The unit is to be worn on the body so a remote control would be pointless.

Q:  Currently 32 GB memory can record up to 21 hours. What is the recording duration for 32GB at maximum HD resolution?
A: Recording at 1080p on 32 GB memory will get you approximately 11.5 hours of video recording.


Q: Currently deleting is password control, can the device be configured to automatically override the recording? This is an important feature to them because they do not expect many major incidents to occur. They will stop the usage of the device once it arrested an important incident so that they can preserve the evidence.
A: Yes the unit can be set to loop recording so that older footage is replace by new as the memory becomes full.

Q: Can the recording be down loaded for archive purposes or other usage? If yes, do we need any other software to playback? What will be the interfacing cable, HDMI?
A: The video can be downloaded to your PC computer via the included USB Cable and after entering the password. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye will show up as a drive letter on your PC. You can then copy files out of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye and transfer it to your PC. We also offer the Wolfcom Management Software that will automatically download files and then delete all files from the 3rd Eye and then begin fully charging the unit for the next day's use. Please click here to see the Wolfcom Management Software.


Q: The battery can last for about 6 hours operation, is it continuous recording or standby? How long can it last for continuous recording with and without IR LED "ON"?
A:  The Battery should last about 6 hours of Continuous nonstop recording on the lowest resolution setting of 848x480 30FPS. But if your just  recording on and off during an average shift, the battery life should be fine and last an entire shift.  Continuous non stop recording at the highest resolution of 1080P will be about 3.5 hours. With the IR on or off is no significant difference in battery life. The difference is only about 5 minutes less battery life with the IR on.

Q: How long is the battery life span? Can we change the battery by our self? What kind of battery it uses?
A: Battery life is 6 hours of continuous nonstop recording at 848x480 and 3.5 hours of continuous nonstop recording at 1920 x 1080p.The battery is Rechargeable Lithium Polymer and is sealed and cannot be removed. Once the battery is no longer retaining a charge, we can replace the battery for you for an extra charge.



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