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Welcome to troubleshooting. We have heard your voices from around the world &
see the biggest issues customers are having. Here is where you will find
FAQs & feedback we've heard from you. Thank you.

General Issues

Why can't I find my Vision Set-Up Manager?

Wondering where your Vision Set-Up Manager went not to worry.

How do I connect my camera to the computer for downloading/uploading?

Learn how to upload/download data from PC.

How do I delete data?

When your Vision's internal memory gets full the unit will not record data, learn how to delete data.

Why doesn't my Vision connect to computer?

Using a 3rd party or damaged cable can result in USB damage, find out why Vision will not connect.

Why doesn't my Vision power on?

Discover the reason why your unit won't power on.

How do I connect the Vision docking station?

Learn how to connect Vision docking station.

For more information regarding software Call Below: (626) 794-9000 Ext 2

Software Issues

Why can't I log into my Vision set-up Manager?

Learn why you can not log into your Set-Up software

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