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Why doesn't my Vision connect to PC?

Learn how to troubleshoot connection issues for your Vision Body Camera.

There are many reasons why your body camera isn't connecting to PC, here is a summary of issues stated below.

  • Damaged USB port & Charging Cable
  • Incorrect Unit Configuration
  • Missing Vision Set-Up Manager

Please follow the steps below if you are unable to connect to PC

1. Hit the Reset Button
When your unit isn't connecting to PC or powering on the first thing you'll want to hit the reset button on bottom of the unit. This will restart the device without deleting any data.

2. Test USB port via docking station or charging cable
We recommend you try docking the unit into another slot within the docking station or swap the station with a spare if available. We recommend you do the same procedure with the charging cable.

If any of these solutions fail you may have the following issues below


Incorrect Unit configuration
Another reason would be that your Vision unit is in car mode & your side switches are not all the way up while docking. (Note: When your Vision unit is in car mode then your unit will not connect to PC but start recording & charge.)

Damaged USB Port
One of the reasons why your Vision unit may not be working is because of USB damage which is one of the USB pins damaged blocking the source of connection/power. Like most mobile electronics out today, USB plays a significant role in transferring and charging devices. When these pins are damaged you will not be able to connect to PC or charge your Vision unit properly. View the images below for comparison.

Damaged USB Cable
You may have a damaged USB cable which not only cuts off connection to PC & charging but also damages USB cables. (Note: Using 3rd party cables will damage the Vision USB port, only use WOLFCOM cables.)

Missing the Vision Set-Up manager
You are missing a vital piece of Software which is the key to configuring your Vision Unit. Be sure you have this software installed. For more information regarding Vision Software Click Here

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