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Testimonials about the Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Body Camera Recorder

“In the 11 Years I have been in law enforcement, I have tried numerous video systems- both cruiser and on body video systems. I have never come across a better video system than Wolfcom 3rd Eye. From the GPS tags on the video to the night vision and day vision clarity to the audio recordings, I have never had a video system that has even come close to matching the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. I am especially impressed at how easily it is to download the videos, take pictures while still recording video, and replay video that has just been recorded. Clearly, there’s no doubt that I highly recommend the Wolfcom 3rd Eye to all law enforcement personnel!”

Chief Nathan W. Motter
Waynesfield Police Dept.

Hello My name is John I currently serve as a Deputy Sheriff and an municipal Deputy Chief in Missouri. We use the Wolfcom system at both places of employment.  As a road deputy I appreciate the simplicity the unit offers me. I also have a better sense of ease, when I step into an incident knowing everything is recorded. As a administrator I am glad to know my officers are protected. This addition of a versatile law enforcement tool  helps not only to ensure safety, it also reduces opportunities for litigation against my
officers, my city and my self. This allows the officer to investigate, take pictures, and document beyond what the current standards are. My prosecutors appreciate the GPS geo tag option, this allows area's such as wooded or off the main road to be documented when recovering evidence at a higher level. I
enjoy the high quality video and camera options, not to  mention being able to use this with my duty radio.


J.E. Missouri






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1080p hd police body camera with bullet proof vest

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Strengths of our Police Camera

Mounting Options

Main Features:

1080P HD Recording

Records up to 60 FPS

120 Degree Wide Angle Lens

GPS Geo Tag


Voice Recorder

Password Protect

12 Megapixel Camera

Instant Playback

Screen Capture

32 GB Memory

6 hour Batter Life

Zoom on Playback

WaterProof IP67, IPX3 Rating


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Manuals and Brochure

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