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Body Worn Camera Images of Police Officers

The images below depict a Law Enforcement Officer wearing a body worn video camera on his chest, shoulder, and head. These images are meant to show the viewer the different ways a body camera can be attached to an officer's uniform. Comfort is extremely important and many cops will have preferences of their own. Our body cameras are design to be placed just about anywhere on an policeman wearing diferent types of uniforms and at varying body size, body types, and weight.

above the shoulder camera  epaulette camera  pov shoulder camera 
In this photo, the officer is wearing the body camera on his shoulder for an above the shoulder view. The shoulder mounted camera has a rotating camera head to adjust for height. The officer can easily reach up to activate the body camera. The camera is lightweight so the officer will not feel any discomfort.
lapd policeman wearing body camera body worn camera on policeman chest view of bwv on police officer
Policeman half body image with body worn video on center chest area. (half turn view) Full frontal half body image of police officer with body worn camera cliped onto center chest area. closeup image of lapd officer with bodycam clipped onto front chest area while holding police radio.
lapd on street of los angeles taser flex vs wolfcom vision POV camera policeman hold suspect at gunpoint
Street photo of police man wearing body camera and sunglasses camera. Side view headshot of Policeman wear a POV camera clipped onto sunglasses while calling on radio. Photo image of officer holding suspect at gunpoint while POV glasses mounted video camera is recording.
Point of View camera on cop  taser vs wolfcom pics Taser flex meets its match with new bodycam
Cop on Sunset Blvd wearing body worn camera with external clip on camera plugged in for Point of View video recording. Full body worn camera setup with headset camera plugged into main camera unit  Half body photo of cop on the his radio while body camera films suspect.
photo of headset camera  photo of body worn camera Wolfcom Vision BWV 
Full face image of cop with POV camera.  Full face image of policeman with radio. Gun points at suspect while headset glasses camera records the action.
headset body camera  cop with sunglasses camera in LA street  rear view of headset camera on officer 
Side view of officer head while wearing headset camera  Straight upper body image of officer with gun drawn on suspect while camera clipped onto sunglasses records the action. Back view of heaset camera of police officer.