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Now better than ever! New Wolfcom 3rd Eye version 1.5 just released Sept 9, 2013

Wolfcom Enterprises has just launched the Wolfcom 3rd Eye version 1.5 police and military body worn camera. The 1.5 version will now have two user password protection which means that an administrator will have complete control over how the body cameras is used and can set user permissions and access. Admin can also decide whether or not officers can play back, delete, download files, or change settings. With the 1.5 version, user settings can be made so that an officer can download files but not delete files it also can be configured so that an officer can or cannot play back files. The admin can also choose if an officer can change any settings themselves or if they need the admin's approval to change a setting. With the Wolfcom 3rd Eye  version 1.5, every option is now configurable.

Another upgrade to their current body camera technology is invert recording. Because the Wolfcom 3rd Eye can be integrated into a two-way radio replacing an officer's lapel mic, some police officers prefer to wear their lapel mics across their back over the shoulders with the lapel mic hanging upside down. This will usually result in upside down video. However with the new 1.5 version, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye can now be configured to record video right side up when the unit is hanging upside down.

Another innovating feature of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye version 1.5 is the ability to add police badge numbers. Now law enforcement agencies that purchase the Wolfcom 3rd Eye will have the ability to enter an officer's badge number onto the unit. All video and photos taken with the Wolfcom unit will not only have the date and time stamp along with the GPS coordinates stamped onto it, but will also have an officer's badge number as well.

Another cool feature is the ability to tag important files. For example, a police officer may have hundreds of photos, videos, and audio files recorded and stored on his body camera but have no way of tagging or marking what's important to him. What usually would happen is accidental erasure of important evidence. With Wolfcom's 1.5 version on officer can now tag and lock important files for easy access later and to prevent accidental deletion of that file.

With an urgency to create the most useful law enforcement tool ever, Wolfcom is dedicated to stay ahead of the game by creating and developing the best police body camera technology for the future.









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