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Police Body Camera Usage on the Rise

This page provides educational and informational links to websites or news articles relating to police and military law enforcement body worn cameras. if you would like to submit an article or a link to news related article regarding police body cameras please feel free to contact us and we would be glad to post it here.                                                                                                BWV


Why we need body cameras for Police

Body worn video

The Future Is Near: Getting Ahead of the Challenges of Body-Worn Video

LAPD body cameras: Tests show Taser body cameras fall off

Body-cam video records dramatic moment police officer pulls unconscious driver free from burning wreckage

Body cam provides police officers evidence and accountability

Lapel videos from Martin shooting released

Officer’s Body Camera Captures Fiery Rescue

Advocacy group questions lack of WPD body cameras

London police start body camera pilot

Body cameras worn by Glenn County officers curb citizen complaints

Ex Cop: Everyone Behaves Better When They’re on Video

Whitestown Police Department Using Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Body Worn Cameras

Police Body Camera Aerial Documentation with the Wolfcom 3rd Eye

Marquette Police Department Purchases Body Cameras

Downtown Las Vegas with the Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police Body Worn Camera

Body Cameras Being Used by Lyon County Sheriff’s Department

Wolfcom Police Body Cameras Assist with Safety Inspections

Police to test cameras worn by officers

Prepare for body cameras

Push for More Body Cameras in Maryland

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