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Police Cameras Making People and Cops Behave

In the years before police body cameras police investigators had to rely on eyewitnesses, statements, and individuals credibility to determine whether police abuse had taken place.
Whether citizen accuses a police officer of brutality, often times it is difficult to know who's telling the truth. It is often a matter of he said she said. There were of course times when a citizen would over exaggerate an encounter with police officer or the same officer would downplay an encounter. Often times a police officer is wrongly accused of a crime or an abuse and whether or not he is found innocent or guilty, the officer will still receive a negative remark on his permanent record. These negative marks on a police officers records damages any hope of future advancement or promotions within the department. Many police officers dreams of higher achievement or attaining specific goals in the department are completely destroyed from false accusations from the public. But today things are different, with advancements of video technology police officers can now record every second of their encounter with the public. Whether it's a traffic stop or domestic call police body worn cameras are now the wave of the future. Police officers already have police cameras installed in police cars, police motorcycles, and police helicopters. It's only reasonable that now police where cameras on their body. The benefits and advantages of body worn police cameras are great in that they reduce the amount of that litigation and investigations regarding police abuse. Police cameras when properly used, can and will deter inappropriate behavior by both police officers and the general public. In the UK officers already monitor CCTV security cameras on the streets of London. With the ability to zoom in and out and left and right officers can be right in on the action during a crime or an accident. Because the public is aware of these cameras it has lowered the crime rate in that area tremendously. It's only natural that police begin wearing body worn cameras.

Police camera usage on the rise

Is 2012 the year the police body cameras?