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Marquette Police Department Purchases Body Cameras to Record Police Interactions with the Public


In late July of 2013, Marquette Police Department received a grant for new technology.  After research and testing, they determined that the Wolfcom 3rd Eye was the camera that best suited their department and purchased 15 Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police body cameras to outfit their patrol officers. 


Law enforcement officers that have started using body cameras to record their interactions with the public have seen positive differences because of the cameras: people behave better, complaints fall, and officer accountability, safety and professionalism improves. 


Patrol officers have so much interaction with the public that they benefit the most from these effects. Having an impartial record of each encounter reduces he said-she said allegations of officer misconduct and suspects are more inclined to behave when they know they are being recorded.


Captain Blake Reiboldt from Marquette supports the use of body cameras and has been pleased with the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. 




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