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Body Cameras Being Used by Lyon County Sheriff’s Department



Lyon County Sheriff’s Department in Nevada has been using the Wolfcom 3rd Eye police body cameras since March of 2013.  The Wolfcom 3rd Eye has fulfilled all their expectations.  Captain Bryan Veil has informed us that their camera-outfitted squad loves the Wolfcom 3rd Eye.


The squad’s camera use is being overseen by Lieutenant Shawn Clanton who has integrated the Wolfcom 3rd Eye in the squad’s daily duties. After they finish their shift, they review the footage by connecting their Wolfcom 3rd Eyes to an HDMI enabled monitor with the camera’s built-in HDMI out for playback and see all the events that occurred on their shift.


The Wolfcom 3rd Eye’s 6 hour battery lasts an entire shift without the need to recharge.  This is ideal for their patrol officers who are not able charge the battery while out in the field.


Lyon County are hoping to outfit another squad as soon as funding permits




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