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Wolfcom Police Body Cameras Assist with Safety Inspections


The Amarillo Fire Department in Texas has purchased two Wolfcom 3rd Eyes to use for by their fire marshals.  For the last year, fire marshals have been using the Wolfcom 3rd Eye to document nightclub overcrowding.


Fire Marshall Ted McKinney had this to say about the cameras: “They are working great!  We do a lot of nightclub inspections and complaints for overcrowding.  We are convinced that these cameras are the best available for this type of enforcement activities.  As you probably remember, that was a significant issue for us during the field testing of several models of body cameras that my officers completed.  The Wolfcom came out on top of our testing and definitely proved itself in low-light conditions.  Since purchasing the Wolfcom, we have utilized them during several nightclub inspections and when cases of overcrowding in clubs are challenged in the courtroom, we expect to be more successful than with previous cases.”


Video evidence can be very valuable when it comes defending a challenged safety citation and the Wolfcom 3rd Eye captures particularly detailed and clear evidence in all light conditions.


To see an officer submitted video demonstrating the Wolfcom 3rd Eye’s superior full color recording quality in low light, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEEkdpYvE5I.




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