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                                                                                                                             Police Body cameras are more valuable than Police Dash cameras

The market for police body cameras is now open. As manufacturers rush to fill the void a few manufacturers have came up with some impressive cop cameras. In the past investigators had to rely on the video taken from police dash mounted cameras that only showed what happened in front of the police vehicle but never showed what happened away from the camera. Sometimes during a traffic stop a suspect would initiate foot pursuit taking of action away from the view of the police car mounted camera making it impossible for investigators to know exactly what took place during the arrest. At times, shootings, claims of police brutality, police misconduct, or impossible to verify. Wolfcom Enterprises has recently launched a new high-resolution police body camera that features a 120° wide angle field of view with night vision capabilities, 12 megapixel camera, GPS Geo tag, voice recorder, the ability to playback videos and images instantly, and a pastor protect feature. While other companies such as Taser has launched their very own police headset camera that allows the camera to capture what the police officers is observing. Vievu has also launched their online of low-quality resolution camera that clips right onto the police uniform. The advantages to please cameras is clear. It puts investigators right into the shoes of the user. Now investigators can see exactly what transpired from beginning to end. Video documentation is now worth millions saved in litigation. The value of police body worn cameras are tremendous. If all police agencies were to where body cameras, it would save taxpayers millions of dollars and would pay for itself in a relatively short time.

Police camera usage on the rise

Is 2012 the year the police body cameras?