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Is 2012 the year for Police Body Cameras?

The time for video documentation is here. 2012 is the year of the police body camera. More and more police departments, law enforcement and military installation across the United States and the entire world are scrambling to find the perfect police body camera system  for their personnel.
With video recording of police actions by the public at all-time high, it's time that law enforcement do some recording of its own.
With the advancement of video technology police officers, sheriffs deputies, US marshals,border patrol agents, homeland security, airport police, forest rangers, Coast Guard, and over 1 million law enforcement agencies across United States can now afford body worn police cameras.
Wolfcom Enterprises is now the leader in police body camera systems. Their new Wolfcom third eye police body camera is not only multipurpose but multifunctional. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye police body camera can be used as a standalone police body worn camera system, or connected to their two-way police communication radio, or also as a police car camera replacing the expensive police camera systems that law enforcement officials currently use.
The unit is also multifunctional in that it has a built in video recorder that records in a high-resolution at 1080 P. The second part is that it can also be used as Digital camera which is useful when taking photographic evidence of crime scenes or vandalism. The third function is a voice recorder that allows a police officer to record victims or witnesses statements any where at any place. But it doesn't stop there, this police camera also has a built in GPS sensor that communicates with the satellites in orbit and grabbed the GPS coordinates of the officer and stamp the latitude and longitude along with the date and time onto every video and image file picture by picture and frame by frame. This is particularly useful in that when using the Wolfcom software to review videos, you can see the path officer took as he pursued a suspect on a map adjacent to the video. And as a video moves the dot on the map also moves as well. This unique GPS Geo tag system, is a very first of it's kind incorporating police body worn cameras with GPS. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye police and military body camera boasts a whopping 32 GB class 10 internal memory. Along with night vision capability, a six hour battery, and the ability to playback video instantly, and the password-protected feature, makes it the number one police body worn camera in the world at the moment.
Launched in October 2011 at the international Association of Chiefs of police law enforcement exhibition in Chicago, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye appears to be the standard that all police body cameras must try to meet with or compete.