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Villa Hills Police Department Praises WOLFCOM® Body Camera System

 VILLA HILLS, KY- The Villa Hills Police Department recently purchased 10 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. The purchase included 3 docking stations, 2 extended four-hour battery packs, and Evidence Management Software by WOLFCOM.

 "WOLFCOM works hard to make the best body camera solutions for law enforcement officers. We make outstanding body cameras, but we also provide outstanding backend video management software. This was an important factor in the Villa Hills PD's decision to go with our WOLFCOM VISION and Evidence Management Software by WOLFCOM. We're happy to provide these important tools for this department as they launch their body camera program," said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang. 

Chief Bryan Allen talked about his department's body camera program. "We had been looking at getting body cameras for a while and we had the funding so we decided to order them. We studied several body cameras on the market and liked the WOLFCOM VISION best. We liked the video and what you could do with the video with the management software. The price was good and we liked the software program it used, especially the redaction feature," said Allen.

The department has eight police officers. "It's a good body camera and everyone likes it. The size is good, it's nice and small. The video quality is good. we like the video management desktop software. It's easy to use. Most of the officers mount it right in the middle of their chest between the pockets. The body cameras have been helpful, we recently used them to record the questioning of a suspect. So far they're holding up well, they've only been on the street a few weeks. The ease of use is good, it's a perfectly good body camera," said Allan.

"The department's body camera policy is that the officers must have them on during all calls for service, during traffic stops and while interviewing people. They can be off during personal time or when they're in the station," said Allen.