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Union County Sheriff’s Office Find WOLFCOM® Body Cameras User Friendly

El DORADO, AR- The Union County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 25 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase included 8 Nightvision cameras, 5 docking stations, and Evidence Management Solution by WOLFCOM.

“Time and time again when Police Offers work with other body cameras on the market then switch to WOLFCOM, they notice and appreciate the difference in quality and features. This Union County Sheriff’s Office did and now they appreciate the ease of use of our WOLFCOM VISION!,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Captain Tim Matthews manages his agency’s body camera program. He says the WOLFCOM VISION Body Cameras are a welcome addition to the Sheriff’s Office.

“We originally started using body cameras about 2 ½ years ago for officer accountability and to cut back on frivolous complaints. We were using smaller versions of a different brand and found them difficult to use. I found WOLFCOM after searching online and called them up. I immediately liked the WOLFCOM VISION’s small size, weight and storage capacity which were much better than the brand we had been using. Most of all we liked that overall the vision body camera was very user friendly,” said Matthews.

“Since we’ve been using body cameras, we find they are very helpful for our department. Our officers like the WOLFCOM VISION’s ease of operation that it has a simple “on/off” switch and can take still shots while recording. Most of our deputies wear them on the epaulette or in the middle of the chest,” said Matthews.

“We have about 60 officers total about 30 of our full time officers are using them and now we’re using them in the jail too. The biggest benefit of using body cameras is that they are helpful when our officers have to go to court. Many times when we find out that an officer has video of an incident, the case never makes it to court. In terms of video quality, we don’t think it can get much better than it is. We also got the video management software and our officers like that they can simply drop their body cameras into the docking stations and the software does the rest, the whole video system is pretty nice,” said Matthews.