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Suisun California PD Selects "Home Made" WOLFCOM Body Cameras!

SUISUN, CA- The Suisun City California Police Department Recently purchased 25 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras.

“WOLFCOM is based in Hollywood California, so we really take pride when a department in our own back yard chooses our body cameras. We are very happy that the Suisun City PD is the latest California department to select and use our WOLFCOM VISION. We know the VISION will serve them well,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Commander Andrew White is managing his department’s body camera program. He gave the following feedback about his department’s experience with the WOLFCOM VISION.  

“We started using body cameras back in 2009. At that time, we were using a cheap consumer grade sports body camera. We decided we wanted something better so we started doing research and found the WOLFCOM 3RD Eye. We liked the features, but it was too bulky at the time. We bought the Vidmic body cameras and we did not have a good experience with those. So again about a year ago we started studying body cameras and tested several models including Taser and Vievu. Around that time, our neighboring department, the Vacaville PD, started testing out the WOLFCOM VISION. We saw the VISION body cameras they were testing and decided to test it too,” said White.  

“The video quality was phenomenal and unmatched by the other body cameras we were testing. We also liked that there was flexibility with the video quality to allow us to record more video at lower resolution settings. Cost was a big factor in our decision, we wanted didn’t want to get the expensive cameras then have one get damaged and have to replace a $1,000-dollar body camera,” said White.

“We liked the simple activation, that you could use it in easy mode and have a very simple on/off operation, so it’s very simple user training. We also liked that it was able to be used with our current evidence management system,” said White.  

The department has 23 officers. “Our officers liked the small size of the body camera. Overall the cameras are pretty reliable and light weight too. Most of our officers wear the body camera on their chest, but a few like it on their shoulder,” said White.

“Our body camera policy says that we must use it for all enforcement situations, domestic violence investigations, self-initiated investigations and any contact that becomes adversarial… We’ve used them in several complaint investigations, the most recent being a case were a citizen complained that an officer was rude to them and when we reviewed the video, we found the exact opposite. The body cameras are proving valuable for criminal and administrative purposes,” said White.