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Spencer WV PD Like WOLFCOM Body Cameras Multi-functionality

The Spencer West Virginia Police Department recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM® VISION Police body cameras. The purchase also included Docking Stations, 4-hour battery packs and Eye Vision POV external cameras.

“Time and time again when Police Departments really compare our WOLFCOM® VISION’s features and capabilities against our competitors, they choose WOLFCOM®. We’re happy the Spencer Police Department chose our VISION body camera for their officers. This department appreciates the VISION’s compact size and multi-function capability. We know our VISION will serve them well!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Chief Gregory Nichols talked about his department’s decision to purchase the WOLFCOM® VISION body cameras. “We felt that eventually body cameras will be mandatory so we figured we should start researching and using body cameras,” said Chief Nichols.

“Originally we were going to go with another popular brand of body camera, but a nearby department was testing WOLFCOM® body cameras and we decided to take a look at them. We immediately liked the smaller size of the WOLFCOM® body camera… also we liked the multi-functionality, that you could use it as a car camera and take still photos… but mainly it was the compact size that we liked the most,” said Nichols.

The Spencer Police Department has 7 police officers. “Our officers prefer to wear them in the center of the chest. We haven’t heard any complaints from the officers, everyone seems to like them. Now that everything’s up and running, they’re working well and they’ve come in handy. Some of our officers even use them at their desks as audio recorders for interviews,” said Nichols.

“They’ve been helpful already in a few cases. Recently we had a drug case where an officer had it on during a residence search and arrest… they’ve also been helpful in a few smaller cases like shop lifting. At first we used them in pre-record mode and some officers like that feature… but in some cases the beginning of the video would catch them in the middle of dinner eating before responding to the call. So we’ve switched over to using the one touch record,” said Nichols.