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Pine Knoll Shores PD says WOLFCOM® VISION is a “Perfect Fit for Them”

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PINE KNOLL SHORES, NC- The Town of Pine Knoll Shores North Carolina Police Department recently purchased 7 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included two docking stations.

“The Pine Knoll Shores Police Department is an excellent example of why we made our WOLFCOM VISION to the most adaptable and light weight body camera on the market today. These officers appreciate those features and our WOLFCOM VISION is the perfect fit for their departments’ needs,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Chief Ryan Thompson recently spoke about his department’s testing process and decision to purchase the WOLFCOM VISION as their department’s body camera.

“Our department’s in car dash cameras were starting to fall into a state of disrepair and we were discussing how to replace them… at the time body cameras were something citizens in the community supported so we started considering body cameras for that dual purpose,” said Thompson.

“We started testing various models of body cameras but we were not happy with how big and heavy they were. A neighboring agency had just purchased the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras and I went over to check them out… immediately I was excited about the VISION’s small size, the quality of video and the price point,” said Thompson.

“We like that the VISION body camera has a swivel lens so there are 100 ways to mount it on your uniform. That’s important because our duty uniform shirt are polo shirts so there are not many options to mount the body cameras… also weight is a factor, so we like that the VISION is light and small so it’s the perfect size for us…. Our officers clip the body camera right between the three buttons on their shirts, so it’s located right in the center of their chest,” said Thompson.

The Department has 11 police officers total. “Our officers love the WOLFCOM VISION for its ease of use… just push the switch and it vibrates to let you know it’s started recording and switch it off to stop recording,” said Thompson.

“The body cameras have been helpful in several cases including DWI cases and sobriety check cases. They’ve also been great for training purposes. We can see cases where our officers could have approached a situation differently or see cases where they’re really polite to citizens and show how they should act… in other cases it helps us detect gaps in training that need to be addressed,” said Thompson.

“Our body camera policy allows our officers to have some discretion in some cases. We’re still in the learning phase as the body cameras are still new to our department. There are still many gray areas where the officers shouldn’t have them on for example in EMS calls where HIPA privacy laws come into consideration… other than those situations, the officers must record all traffic stops,” said Thompson.