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Navarre Ohio Police Department says WOLFCOM Body Cameras are Easy to Use

NAVARRE, OH- The Village of Navarre Police Department recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM® VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included Evidence Management Solution Software by WOLFCOM.

“It is always nice to hear that a police department chose WOLFCOM body cameras on the recommendation of a neighboring department. This is the case with the Village of Navarre Police Department. This agency made the decision to order our WOLFCOM VISION body camera after seeing it in use by the Millersburg PD. We make the best body cameras because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onurang.

Captain Jason Fisher is managing his department’s body camera program. Capt. Fisher gave the following feedback about his department’s decision to purchase the WOLFCOM® VISION.

“Our Chief wanted to get body cameras to get ahead of the recent national trend of complaints against law enforcement, and body cameras seem to be leaning toward becoming mandatory soon, so we wanted to be ahead of the curve,” said Fisher.

“We did a lot of research on body cameras and being a small agency kept coming back to price point as a main factor. Also Millersburg Ohio Police Department was using and recommended the WOLFCOM body cameras. We had the opportunity to look at them and get their actual use in the field feedback. We liked the simplicity of the VISION body camera, the price point and the storage/management software. Benefits to the software included being able to use it to catalog digital photos from other devices, and the data storage is not dependent on an off-site pay for use service” said Fisher. 

“We liked the VISION body camera’s small size… it was much smaller than most body cameras also we liked that you could set it to a simple one button operation. Our officers have found it easy to learn and use, no complaints on the operation. Using the software to download video is simple,” said Fisher.

 “The officers wear the camera mid chest. The body cameras have been helpful already. In one situation I had an arrest where my cruiser was parked nearby and the car camera was running and the body camera captured better, more complete video that the car cruiser couldn’t,” said Fisher.  

“Our body camera policy is that our officers need to record all citizen encounters with enforcement potential, and our retention time is based on what happens during the encounter,” said Fisher.