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Kenton County Airport Police Say WOLFCOM® Body Cameras “Lead the Pack”

KENTON CO., KY- The Kenton County Airport Police recently purchased 44 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. The purchase also included EyeVision POV cameras, docking stations and Evidence Management Solution Software by WOLFCOM.

“As police departments use body cameras more and more, they appreciate the quality and features that WOLFCOM Body Cameras have to offer. We make the best because cops like these deserve the best!,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Officer Dave Bentley did the research and testing of body cameras for his department. He talked about the research process and why his department chose the WOLFCOM VISION.

“We originally got body cameras to reduce complaints and clear our officers of any frivolous lawsuits. We fist stared using body cameras in April of 2013. Back then, we were using older body cameras. When our department decided to replace them, I was put in charge of researching new body cameras. I did a lot of researching online and we ended up tested about 8 different body cameras,” said Bentley.

“The WOLFCOM VISION won out because it does exactly what we need it to do. It didn’t have an LCD screen on the back and the extra size to incorporate an LCD screen. It was the smallest body camera we tested and I really liked the quality of the alligator clip that attached it to our uniforms. The audio and video quality fit our needs and it was an affordable high quality body camera,” said Bentley.

“Immediately our officers liked the VISION’s small size. The smaller the better. The old ones were really small, but the on off switch was also very small and tough to operate. Some of the other body cameras we tested were huge. When we handed out the body cameras for testing to our patrol guys, the number 1 complaint was about each of the other body cameras weight and physical size. In that area, the WOLFCOM VISION lead the pack,” said Bentley.

“Our officers also find the WOLFCOM VISION’s swivel lens very useful. It gives us extra mounting options. Most of our officers wear it on their epaulet and some wear it in the middle of their chest, but epaulet seems to work better, but it gives us that flexibility of placement options. We tend to use our VISION’s in easy mode,” said Bentley.

Bentley also says he unintentionally tested the VISION’s durability as well. “I accidentally slammed my car door on my body camera and I thought I might have broken it, but it worked fine,” said Bentley. 

“We also got the Evidence Management Solution by WOLFCOM software, and we find that easy to use once you get the hang of it. The video and audio quality are fantastic, we normally set body cameras in 720 mode and that quality works great for us,” said Bentley. 

“We use our body cameras all the time. We don’t get many complaints because we have a lot of good officers, but as far as cases, we find them very helpful. Our body camera policy has changed, since we got the WOLFCOM VISION. Before use of body cameras was options, now it is mandatory for all officers to use them on every traffic stop and public contact. They’ve really helped a lot with our DWI cases and collect a lot of good video evidence we can use with our cases,” said Bentley.