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Jonesville PD Likes WOLFCOM® Body Cameras Multifunctionality

JONESVILLE, LA- The Jonesville Louisiana Police Department recently purchased 3 WOLFCOM® 3RD EYE Police Body Cameras. The purchase included radio cables so the officers could use the 3RD EYE’s speaker mic function.

“We designed the WOLFCOM® 3RD EYE Police Body Camera to be a useful “all in one” tool for police officers, so they would not have to carry extra equipment. For this reason and the many features it carries like GPS and night vision, the 3RD EYE body camera remains a very popular body camera of choice among police departments,” said WOLFCOM® Founder Peter Austin Onurang.

Chief Skyler Dore spoke about why his department chose the WOLFCOM® 3RD EYE.

 “We got body cameras to protect our officers and the public. I did some research online and found WOLFCOM’s website. I read up on the specs and quality of the body cameras. I liked that the 3RD EYE offered 4 tools in one. In addition to a body camera, it could also be used as a voice recorder, a still camera, and a radio speaker microphone… it eliminates the need to carry around all of those tools, now you just have that one tool,” said Dore.  

“So far our officers are enjoying all of the features... The officers find it easy to learn and use. The video and audio quality are very good. There is a slight delay in the speaker mic function, but the audio quality of the speaker itself is good,” said Dore.

“The body cameras are still too new to the department to have been used in any major cases yet… we’re still in the process of putting in a body policy and procedures. I presented a basic body camera policy that says the body cameras must be on and used during any and all interactions with the public,” said Dore.