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Jackson County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office Chooses WOLFCOM VISION Body Cameras from Referral!

NEWPORT AR.- The Jackson County Arkansas Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 14 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 5 docking stations, 4 NightVision cameras, and Evidence Management Solution Software by WOLFCOM.

“It is a great honor when one of our existing customer department trusts our body cameras so much that they would recommend them to their neighboring department. This happened with the Jackson County Arkansas Sheriff’s Department who learned of our body cameras from a recommendation from their neighboring agency. At WOLFCOM we make the best, because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Sheriff David Lucas talked about his agency’s decision to select the WOLFCOM VISION for their body camera program.

“Ever since the events in Ferguson, we need them and we figured it’s not going to be too long until body cameras are mandatory. We have car cameras but we wanted something more robust since once deputies are away from their cars and out of frame, you don’t always get video of what happens and we want to have video of everything,” said Lucas.  

“The Newport Police Department Arkansas was using the WOLFCOM Visions and we were looking for body cameras at the time they started using them, so we let them do their Testing and Evaluation process and they really liked them, so we decided to get them too,” said Lucas. 

“The video quality was a major factor; the video was clear and the audio was very clear… and we liked the size of the camera itself…We have 13 deputies and they absolutely love the WOLFCOM VISIONS. Most of them wear it up front on their chests. There was very minimal training period needed,” said Lucas.

“They’ve been very useful in most court cases, mainly in DWI cases. Our body camera policy is that the body cameras must be activated and used with any contact with the public,” said Lucas.