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Hunt County Texas Homeland Security Office Loves WOLFCOM VISION!

GREENVILLE, TX- The Hunt County Texas Homeland Security Office recently purchased 8 WOLFCOM police body cameras. The purchase also included 4-hour battery packs a docking station and car kits.

“Here at WOLFCOM, we love to hear about how police officers use and appreciate our body cameras in their daily work. The Hunt County Texas Homeland Security Office says they find many of the WOLFCOM VISION’s features very useful for the interesting work they do. It’s good to know our body cameras are relied on and trusted by these officers who respond to such dangerous security threats. We make the best body cameras because officers like this deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Senior Technology Officer David Jones is managing his agency’s body camera program and says his department loves the WOLFCOM VISION!

“WOLFCOM makes a great product and we’re glad to have them! We do a lot of 1st responder situations and we’ve used them quite a bit…. Our office handles Bio-terrorism, bomb threats, anthrax and chemical threats, environmental crime enforcement, emergency management and fire marshal duties like arson investigation,” said Jones.  

“The video quality is fantastic, we’re real please with that and we recommend the VISION to other agencies. Also the Rains County Sheriff’s Office is using the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras and had positive things to say about them…We had been previously using 2 Vievu body cameras that we were not pleased with. They were complicated to use when we tried to store video on our own server, it wasn’t intuitive at all and they didn’t hold battery life very long (battery standby time). I went online and did some research on other body cameras and found a USDOJ report about body cameras and WOLFCOM was rated very highly as body cameras for police, so it was a no brainer based on the features and price,” said Jones.  

“We also liked the swivel lens feature on the body camera that gives it adaptability for placement options on a uniform. Adaptability is very important. We liked the LED lights on the body cameras that let you light things up at night and the simple push to take a picture function that doesn’t interfere with the video,” said Jones.

“We use the body cameras all the time. Our director made it clear that our body camera policy is to record everything we do, so now we have video for all of our cases. They’re especially helpful in environmental crime cases and illegal dumping situations because the body camera captures a panoramic video of the area,” said Jones.