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Howell County Sheriff's Office Says WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras Are Helpful in the Field, Register for More on BodyCameraDonations.com

WEST PLAINS, MO- The Howell County Sheriff's Office recently ordered 18 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras. Seven of the body cameras went to the Sheriff's Office and the others were distributed to other departments that applied for the grant.

 "The Howell County Sheriff's Office is a great example of the many fine law enforcement agencies that use our WOLFCOM VISION. This agency appreciates the VISION's versatility and compact size. We're happy that the VISION is serving them well and that they decided to sign up with BodyCameraDonations.com to outfit the rest of their deputies," said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

This Sheriff's Office has 11 patrol deputies and right now they are sharing the body cameras among the deputies, until they are budgeted for more. The agency recently registered on BodyCameraDonations.com in hopes of receiving four more VISION body cameras to outfit all of their deputies.

Captain Jared Peterman talked about his department's body camera program. "Lt. Coldiron completed a regional grant and the department got 7 WOLFCOM VISION body cameras. We decided to get body cameras in response to all of the news stories and everything going on after Ferguson. We decided that body cameras were the way to go. We have dash cams, but body cameras offer more complete picture of what the officer sees," said Peterman.

"Local police departments were trying out different body cameras, we got feedback from those departments and for the cost and video quality we decided to go with the WOLFCOM body cameras," said Peterman.

 "We're trying out some of the headset cameras. We like the versatility of the camera that you are able to attach it to different parts of the uniform. We like the small size of the camera, it doesn't take up much room on your uniform," said Peterman. "They've been useful in a few drug seizures and in cases of resisting arrest. The officers like the video quality and ease of use," said Peterman