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Hemphill County Texas Sheriff’s Office Praises WOLFCOM VISION!

CANADIAN, TX- The Hemphill County Texas Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 11 WOLFCOM® VISION police body cameras.

“WOLFCOM is proud to offer the latest in body camera technology to the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office. As more department’s use body cameras, they appreciate the features and quality of our WOLFCOM VISION body cameras. This agency appreciates the VISION’s light-weight design, the rotatable lens feature and overall video and audio quality. We make the best, because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Deputy Jeremy Dunn is managing his department’s body camera program and says the new body cameras are working out great for his deputy’s.

“I had found out about WOLFCOM a few years ago when I was researching body cameras. At the time we were using the another brand of body camera…. Our new Sheriff decided to switch and purchase the WOLFCOM body cameras and they’re working out great,” said Dunn. 

“We like that they have a good On/Off switch. It’s clear and easy to use, there’s no guessing if it’s on or not, with the old system you had to hope it was on. Our deputies learned the system pretty quickly, all they did was watch the instructional videos and they figured it out quickly,” said Dunn.

“Our department wears external vest carriers so there’s not many places to put an alligator clip, most of us end up wearing it on our shoulder epaulette, so it’s a good thing that the lens is rotatable…The video and audio is far superior to our old body camera system and most of the body camera systems I’ve seen. There are other departments that use different body cameras nearby and their video and audio don’t seem as clear as ours,” said Dunn.

“The VISION’s also weighs less than our radio mics and they’re not big and bulky like most body cameras. Another nearby department uses a different system that are about twice as wide and ½ and inch thicker than the VISIONS, they look like they’re wearing big hockey pucks,” said Dunn.