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Hawkins County Sheriff’s Prefer WOLFCOM’s POV Capabilities!

ROGERSVILLE, TN-The Hawkins County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM® VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase also included 6 Eye Vision POV Cameras.

“We made the WOLFCOM® VISION Police Body Camera to be the most configurable body camera on the market today. Many officers prefer the POV option that the WOLFCOM® VISION offers. The Hawkins County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office is one such department that strongly prefers this option. We know the VISION will serve them well,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onurang

Sgt. Mike Allen is managing the Sheriff’s Office body camera program and said the WOLFCOM® VISION body cameras have been welcomed new addition to the agency.

“We’ve used different brands of body cameras in the past and we did some research and learned about the WOLFCOM Body Cameras and we heard good feedback about them, so we decided to give them a try,” said Allen.  

“We really liked the POV camera option, where you could place an external camera on your glasses or collar. That’s a really great option to have and not many body cameras offer that. We also rally liked the WOLFCOM’s small size, some of the other body camera brands are like wearing a big cell phone and they’re very heavy. The WOLFCOM VISION is nice and light weight,” said Allen.

“The amount of video the VISION body camera can store is ridiculous. I’m responsible for downloading the video from each officer’s camera and one officer had 80 videos stored up on his body camera! So now we have to download them at least once a week to prevent the video from building up,” said Allen.

“The video quality is excellent and the officers find it very user friendly. We wear the body cameras in the center of our chests, between our uniform pockets and the POV cameras we usually wear on our collar, glasses, or in inclement weather we can wear them on a ball cap,” said Allen.  

“The body cameras have been very helpful since we started using them. We’ve had several admissions of guilt captured on cameras and then later they try to change their story, but we already have it captured on video, so they’ve helped with several cases. Another shift supervisor was using one on a chase and the video it captured was spot on… We’re still in the process of tweaking our body camera policy, but basically we need to use them on all public contacts,” said Allen.