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Harrison County Sheriff's Office say WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras are a Safety Net for Deputies

CYNTHIANA, KY- The Harrison County Sheriff's Office recently ordered 10 WOLFCOM VISION Police Body Cameras.

"We know that body cameras have become vital tools for capturing video evidence of events. In today's media world, false allegations can cost an officer their career and his department millions in litigation costs. Having video and audio documentation of incidents can save the officer, his department, and his community valuable time and money in the face of false complaints. That's why the quality of body camera matters. In those critical moments, you want a reliable and durable body camera like the WOLFCOM VISION, that will capture and protect that video evidence. The Harrison County Sheriff's Office calls these body cameras a safety net, and we at WOLFCOM are proud to outfit these deputies with the best safety net," said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Sheriff Shain Stephens talked about his agency’s body camera program. "Everything is going well so far, we're pretty pleased with the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras. This is our first real body camera program... We tried a few out some time ago but the technology was about 6 years out of date, and technology changes so fast," said Stephens.

"We decided to get body cameras for liability purposes, mainly to protect our deputies against false complaints. We're not worried about our deputy’s behavior, but this is just another safety net for them," said Stephens.

Sheriff Stephens says he learned of WOLFCOM body cameras by speaking with neighboring law enforcement agencies that used them and recommended the WOLFCOM VISION for his office. "We had one of our deputies test a VISION on a trial basis and he was really pleased with it... he uses it a lot for interviews and finds it helpful for interviews," said Stephens.

"It's a really good product. We especially like the pre-record feature and can see where that would be useful in capturing moments that happen before the deputy turns the body camera on. The VISION body cameras also seem flexible and tough," said Stephens.

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office has 11 deputies. "All of our deputies seem pleased with them. Most of them wear it on the top of their shoulder by the epaulette and on the front of their uniform... some even like to wear it on their belts, so they have their own preference of where to wear it," said Stephens.