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Forrest General Hospital Mississippi PD says WOLFCOM VISION is the Right Fit for Them!

HATTIESBURG, MS- The Forrest General Hospital Mississippi Police Department recently purchased 28 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. The purchase included Super battery packs, docking stations and Evidence Management Solution by WOLFCOM software.

“Police Officers work in many environments and we make our WOLFCOM Body Cameras to be durable and adaptable to their work environment. The officers of the Forest General Hospital Police Department appreciate the WOLFCOM VISION’s versatility and compact size. We work hard to make the best body cameras, because cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Assistant Director of Public Safety Lt. Charles Sims is managing his department’s body camera program. He says the WOLFCOM VISION body cameras are working out well for their department.

“We did a lot of research when we were considering body cameras. We did an extensive testing and evaluation process. Some of the body cameras we looked at were a little bigger then we wanted but the cost associated with them was too high. Others were bulky and didn’t have the features we wanted. The WOLFCOM VISION seemed to fit what we were looking for,” said Sims.

“Our officers liked the versatility of the body camera and that it could be worn on various spots on your uniform. Most of the officers like to wear it in the center of their chests, but some like it on their shoulder or on their belts,” said Sims.

“We work in a hospital so our body camera policy does have some concerns when it comes to HIPAA laws. Our officers are careful not to capture personal information from patients,” said Sims.  

“The body cameras have absolutely been helpful in cases. I’m just about to review video from a complaint that involved allegations of excessive force.  So far the body cameras have been very helpful in clearing officers on at least 4 occasions. The biggest issue our officers had was remembering to turn them on, but they’re doing better now and becoming more accustomed to them. The review and tagging options for the video we had no problems or issues there, the system works fine,” said Sims.