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Erlanger Police Department tests for the best and picks WOLFCOM® Police Body Cameras

ERLANGER, KY- The Erlanger Police Department recently purchased 33 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. The purchase included 7 docking stations, 7 extended four-hour battery packs, and Evidence Management Software by WOLFCOM.

“Here at WOLFCOM we work hard to make our body cameras the best on the market today. There is no greater feedback then the praise for our body cameras by the officers who wear and use them every day. We’re honored that the patrol officers of the Erlanger Police Department tested many body cameras and ultimately chose the WOLFCOM VISION as their body cameras. The Erlanger PD is one of several in the Northern Kentucky area to recently test and order our VISION body cameras. We know our WOLFCOM VISION will serve this department well!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Lt. Todd Brendel is managing his department’s Body Camera Program. “We’ve been using body cameras for 8 years, since before the recent push for them in the news, we already had them… we went through several different body cameras like the Scorpions… we bought a lot of the smaller body cameras made in China. Then whenever one broke we just threw it away. Then we started using Muvi body cameras but we had a lot of problems with those, they broke easily and the USB port was always breaking, so we decided to check around and do an update. We tried about 12-15 different body cameras this summer to test for the best. Some were ok, some were huge… so big our officers wouldn’t even wear them… they’d look at the size and say “I wouldn’t wear that”. Our patrol offices have to wear them all day, so they’ve got to like them,” said Brendel. 

“Every body camera we tried out, we’d get complaints from the officers that they didn’t like this or that… then we tried out the WOLFCOM VISION and didn’t get one complaint from our patrolman about it. We also really liked the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software. Our patrolmen have to work with them every day, so it’s our patrolman who had to pick them and this is the body camera they chose,” said Brendel.

“I found WOLFCOM on the internet while researching body cameras and immediately we liked the compact size of the VISION body camera. The biggest selling point for our guys was the size and simplicity. You push down the switch, it’s on and you don’t have to wonder if it’s recording. Other body cameras we’ve used and tested, you had to press a bunch of buttons and you can’t tell if they’re on or not and some of them go to a standby mode and take several seconds before they start recording. With the VISION, it’s just one touch and you know it’s on and working, our guys love that,” said Brendel.

“We just deployed them six weeks ago and we’re very happy so far. We just ordered extra VISION body cameras, so we have spares. Everybody is pretty confident using the VISION body cameras. Five departments in North Kentucky within about 10 miles of each other recently bought the WOLFCOM VISION. I like them and have recommended them to other local departments,” said Brendel.

The department has 42 police officers. “Almost all of our officers wear the VISION in the middle of their chest. They like the rotatable lens so the taller officers can point it down and the shorter officers can point it up for best angle of recording,” said Brendel. “Our officers like the VISION’s ease of use. They like that it’s easy to upload video and pictures. I’ve heard some say they like that they can take still snapshots while recording video. Some of them really like the built in flashlight, they use it to light up their citation books so they don’t have to hold a flash light,” said Brendel.