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Elsmere Kentucky PD Choose WOLFCOM Body Cameras as the Best After Testing the Rest

ELSMERE, KY- The Elsmere Kentucky Police Department recently purchased 12 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. The purchase included 4 docking stations and Evidence Management Solution by WOLFCOM Software.

“We at WOLFCOM appreciate it when a department really embraces, studies and understands body camera technology. The Elsmere Police Department has used body cameras for years and knows a good body camera when they see it. We work hard to make our body cameras the best technology available because we deserve cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Sgt. Todd Cummins is managing his department’s body camera program.“The main reason we got the WOLFCOM VISIONS as our new body cameras was the VISION’s simplicity of use and the backend storage, uploading and tagging capabilities. We have our own data storage system but the downloading and marking features at the time were the most affordable and met our needs,” said Cummins. 

“Prior to purchasing, we had been testing various body cameras and at the same time the nearby Erlanger Kentucky Police Department was testing the WOLFCOM VISION and Lt. Brendel let us see them and test them out for a little while. Erlanger decided they liked the VISION and based on their assessment, we decided to select them as well,” said Cummins.

“Our officers like the VISION’s simplicity of operation and the secure alligator clip. Most of the officers mount the body camera on their chest. The VISION also takes very good video and audio quality. We also like that it’s easy to upload and access video. We got docking stations to better organize the process,” said Cummins.  

“Our department has used body cameras for about 8 years, so we have a lot of experience with this technology. Body Cameras have helped in many situations including two officer involved shootings where we had the entire incident on video from start to finish, making it a whole lot easier to investigate then if we didn’t have video, so body cameras have been a benefit to us,” said Cummins.

“Our department and Erlanger PD have always been interested in using the latest technology for our officers. We were one of the first police departments to use body cameras and run computers in our cars using hotspots. Back when we started using body cameras not many people had even heard of them. We were using the inexpensive consumer grade body cameras at first. So when people called in to file complaints we’d ask them if they wanted to come in and review the video, and many of them weren’t aware that the officers were using body cameras… so most of the time when they learned that they ended up retracting their complaint and saying something like “well he wasn’t that rude,”… this cut down our complaints a lot,” said Cummins.

“Our body camera policy is that we must activate the body cameras whenever our officers interact with the public or responding to a call. Lately our officers have been using it for parking citations. Many times people claim they never got a ticket, but our officers have it on video so can pull it up for review in those situations,” said Cummins.