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Daleville Indiana PD gets WOLFCOM Body Cameras


DALEVILLE, IN- The Daleville Police Department recently purchased 3 additional WOLFCOM 3RD EYE police body cameras.  The department has purchased 14 WOLFCOM 3RD EYE police body cameras over the last two years and plans to purchase 16 in the future. 

Chief James King says his department was the first in the state of Indiana to have purchased and used police body cameras around spring of last year. “The body cameras help with investigating complaints; it helps to be able to pull up the video and see who’s telling the truth about what happened… also with everything that happened in Ferguson Missouri, if they had body cameras in that situation, that would have told the whole story of what happened. Because we were the first department to get them, we’ve had a lot of other departments asking and testing out our cameras,” said King.

 "At the time we decided to get the police body cameras, all the officers were for it. To this day they love having the cameras, they’re comfortable using them and the cameras help them with their reports and investigations. The official police body camera policy is that our police officers must use their body cameras whenever they are on a call or traffic stop,” said King.

“The body cameras have helped out a lot with our domestic cases and recently they helped with the first homicide case we’ve had in 20 years. Our officers pulled up to the scene and caught the suspect stabbing the victim and they caught it all on police body camera and that’s going to be used in the case,” said King. “We liked the video quality of the WOLFCOM 3RD EYE, it’s so clear. The audio is great too. We also liked that we could use the camera as our shoulder mics. It helps out a lot so you’re not carrying all this extra gear and cords and stuff hanging out all over you,” said King.

“The cameras have saved a couple of our police officers from complaints. In one case a person called up and said that our officers were inappropriate and when we played back the video we found that our officers were very professional and it was the person who was complaining that was very rude to our police officers,” said King