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Bridger-Trenton National Forest Rangers like WOLFCOM Body Cameras

JACKSON, WY- The Bridger-Teton National Forest Rangers recently purchased 5 WOLFCOM® VISION Police Body Cameras. The purchase included a docking station, 4-hour battery packs, Eye Vision™ and Head Vision™ POV body camera attachments, and WOLFCOM Evidence Management Solution Software.

“Law enforcement officers work in all kinds of environments, so we make our body cameras durable and configurable to meet their needs. We’re happy that the Bridger-Tenton National Forest Rangers appreciate the features of our WOLFCOM Body cameras and we know our VISION Body Cameras will serve this agency well,” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onurang.

David Cernicek is coordinating his agency’s body camera program. “We decided to get body cameras this year to protect our rangers if they have any confrontations with the public. We want to use the body cameras as deterrents. In the last 2 years we’ve had incidents of personal assaults by people initiating confrontation with the rangers. People notice body cameras and their behavior changes when they know they’re being recorded,” said Cernicek.

“We did internet research for body cameras and found the WOLFCOM website and the VISION seemed to be a good body camera at a good price and it fit our needs. We liked the VISION body cameras’ compact size and rotatable lens feature. We also liked the attachable POV cameras. We also liked that it could be used as a dash cam,” said Cernicek. 

“So far so good. Our Rangers have found the body cameras easy to use and figure out. We’ll officially deploy them in July,” said Cernicek.