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Belle Fourche South Dakota PD like WOLFCOM® VISION’s Compact Size

BELLE FOURCHE, SD- The Belle Fourche South Dakota Police Department recently purchased 3 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras and 2 WOLFCOM 3RD EYE Police Body cameras. The purchase also included 3 four-hour battery packs and radio cables. 

belle forche sd body camera wolfcom1Chief Scott Jones talked about his department’s decision to purchase the WOLFCOM Body Cameras.

“We’re pleased with the WOLFCOM VISIONS. We’ve been using different body cameras for the last few years, but we wanted to consider newer technology on the market. Our officers prefer the WOLFCOM VISION’s smaller size and mounting options over the bigger bulker body cameras we’ve tested,” said Jones.

“I found WOLFCOM at the IACP and at the time Body Cameras were my top priority. We believed there were better options on the market for the price point we were paying for the other Body Cameras and I was looking into at least 3 body camera options at the time. We tested a few and got demo units that did not do what they were supposed to do. We also liked that the WOLFCOM is a stand-alone body camera that doesn’t sell you on expensive cloud video storage services. We’re a smaller department and we don’t have the finances for huge fees for data storage. It wouldn’t be financially feasible for us to pay for cloud video storage, so it’s important that the body camera we use be able to be managed as a stand-alone system,” said Jones.

The Department has 11 police officers. “Our officers like the VISION’s compact size and simplicity of use. We also see the benefit for options for expansion with the optional POV cameras. The officers also like that you can snap a still photo with the VISION without interrupting the video. With the VISION, we don’t have a playback screen but we’re not overly concerned about that feature… Our officers wear the VISION body camera on their chest along the button line or on the pen pocket of their uniform shirts,” said Jones.

“We find body cameras useful for evidentiary purposes first and foremost. The video evidence they give us is invaluable. We also found that since we’ve been using them, complaints don’t happen anymore. they’re a huge benefit to our department. Body Cameras have been helpful in every case we use them on. They must be activated when responding to every call we go to. Every situation we use a body camera in takes a lot of the guess work out of it,” said Jones.